Top State Treasurer Candidate in Oklahoma

I believe in spending the absolute least amount of taxpayer money and being 100% transparent when we do. This is the State of Oklahoma’s money, this is your money, the taxpayers. We have to make sure our elected officials keep this in mind. If I see unethical or wasteful spending, I will make it my job to alert ...

Your Freedom

As a libertarian, I believe in the freedom of individuals above all else. That means that, when elected, I will make sure that taxes are as low as possible so that the state doesn't pick your wallet. In turn, I promise to make sure that what the state spends with your money is only what is necessary.


I Want to Hear You

I Want to Hear You

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If you think the Oklahoma State Treasury should be better managed, it's time you raise your voice and cast your vote for someone who is …

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Why Me?

  • Hard Work
  • Low Taxes
  • Frugal Spending
  • Experience In Banking
  • Libertarian
  • Family Values


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If you want to know more about my proposals and ideas, please contact me.

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